About Sassy

It started with an idea…

Sassy Girl Cakes is dedicated to creating customized cakes, gourmet cupcakes, cakes and pies for every occasion. Our mission is to deliver the best gourmet cupcakes, cakes, and pies you will ever experience! We will always bring special attention to your needs and create the most amazing cake and cupcakes that will look and taste amazing.

Our Story

It all started with one Sweet Potato Pie ten years ago. Welna Scott always loved to bake Sweet Potato Pies for her family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays often giving them out as gifts to fulfill their many requests. What started out as one pie for her husband and family instantly grew to 5 pies one year, 10 pies the next year, to 20 and more over the following years..

In October 2008, Welna made up her mind to sell her pies, said a little prayer and set a realistic optimistic goal to sell 50 pies to friends and family over the Thanksgiving season. By the time the flour had settled over 120 sweet potato pies were sold and “Sassy Girl Pies” was born.Thank God for small successes. Because in January 2009, she decided to keep the momentum going, selling Heart shaped strawberry cakes for Valentine’s Day, targeting the same people who supported her before, by making mini strawberry cupcakes as samples of the cake they would order. As fate would have it everyone loved them. The feedback she received from them was that the mini-cupcakes allowed then to indulge in these amazing desserts without the guilt associated with eating too much. Orders were made and a new product line was born.

As they say, “The road to success if filled with many potholes.” And along this road, Welna Scott has most certainly has run into many of them, some deeper than others, but never stopping to improve the quality of her products and services. From ingredients to the processes of mixing and baking to the packaging of the beautifully completed products, Sassy Girl Pies strives for perfection; more so than that, your complete satisfaction.

Due to the demand of “Sassy Girl’s” customers for more flavors “Sassy Girl Pies” has initiated a new flavor every month campaign and presently has 7 unique gourmet flavors along with her signature “Slap Yo’ Mama Sweet Potato Pie” on her menu. Not to rest on her laurels Welna Scott aka “Sassy Girl” is continually in her kitchen creating unique gourmet cupcakes to expand her current menu. Equally impressive as the taste of her cupcakes and pies, is the artistry of her custom made cakes designed to suit whatever occasion you may have, from weddings to theme parties. She is a passionate artist and confectionary items are her medium. You describe it and she will bring it to fruition.
“Sassy Girl Pies” is a family owned and operated bakery. Stay tuned for your favorite or newest “Sassy Girl” creation..